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Trilhas Sonoras: O Hobbit - A Batalha dos 5 Exércitos (Special Edition)

YYYYYEEEEESSSSS! Trilha sonora de O Hobbit - A Batalha dos 5 Exércitos!

Veja o que tem nesses 2 CD's:

Disco 01: 
01. Fire And Water
02. Shores of the Long Lake
03. Beyond Sorrow and Grief (Deluxe Extended)
04. Guardians of the Three (Deluxe Extended)
05. The Ruins of Dale
06. The Gathering of the Clouds (Deluxe Extended)
07. Mithril
08. Bred for War
09. A Thief in the Night
10. The Clouds Burst
11. Battle for the Mountain
12. Thrain (Deluxe Bônus Track)

Disco 02: 
01. The Darkest Hour
02. Sons of Durin
03. The Fallen
04. Ravenhill
05. To The Death (Deluxe Extended)
06. Courage and Wisdom
07. The Return Journey
08. There and Back Again
09. The Last Goodbye
10. Ironfoot (Deluxe Extended
11. DragonSickness (Deluxe Bônus Track)

Caso queira comprar o CD, acesse o link a seguir: O Hobbit - A Batalha dos 5 Exércitos.

Baixando.. AGORAAAAAAA!!!!
(Clique na imagem acima para fazer o Download)
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